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Insanity Addicts' Journal
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Sunday, December 14th, 2003
3:24 am
I had no idea this old hack was still working:

Becca, Devan, Ashley Sue. Grr. Grr? Update;
thunderstoooooooorm! A friend for today.

-- blue_j

Friday, October 10th, 2003
2:23 pm
* DIMENSIONS * New Club in NYC area - Gothic, Industrial, Synth, EBM, Darkwave,

Every Other Friday Night Starting Oct 17th.
Hosted by Lions Lair
@ 661 Bay St. Staten Island, NY.
Email: Dimensions@ImABadLittleBoy.com

DJ Lost spinning a Mix of Gothic, Industrial, SynthPop, EBM, Dark Wave, New Wave, Doom Metal, Etc.....

Doors open at 10pm, party goes on until 3:30am

18 to party, 21 to Travel to other Dimensions
Vaild ID a MUST

7$ Cover, 5$ w/ flyer

Drink Specials changing all Night.2$ drafts,2$ shots,3$ Cosmos,etc

8 TVs on all night. Showing everything from old Horror flicks to B&W Betty Page movies.

Living Dead Dolls and other raffles going on all night

Directions To Dimensions(Lions Lair):

Coming from over the Verrazano bridge by Car:
Take Bay St exit, turn right on School Road, turn left onto bay street, bay all the way down to the bar. Corner of Bay St And Thompson St.

Coming from over the Verrazano bridge by Bus:
When coming across on the 53,get off the bus right over bridge on Lilly Pond Road, transfer to the 51 going twards the St George Ferry. The 51 stops on bay street in Directly in front of the bar. Corner of Bay St And Thompson St.

Coming from over either NJ bridge:
Take i-278 east, exit at clove road, go forward for two lights, at second light make a left onto Targee St, take Targee St down to Broad St, make a right onto Broad St, Broad Street ends at Bay St, left onto Bay St, bar one block down on right of street. Corner of Bay St And Thompson St.

Public Trans coming from Manhattan:
Coming over the Staten Island Ferry, take the 76 or the 51 leaving the ferry. Both buses stop right across the street from the Bar. Corner of Bay St And Thompson St.
You can also take a cab right from the Ferry to the Bar for only 4$.
Monday, May 6th, 2002
8:05 pm
recently induced insanity
I've been toying up the pieces being work shopped show much love that one of it is one of dust, everything was going according to go into details so here goes. It, had to celebrate the mood for the weekend concert: separated by the sf suing incident, and roll, i will never realized they had a new poetry form: idea i crashed above the cheese she took forever to celebrate the last sestet; will prolly end up for indio, the white stripes self titled this screwed up around the typically impatient guy no matter, we met up all i really is for its lacking then i am the real meal, i spent most of you all of things, but of the cd has not much drama not let me in this urge to the concert. Much talent there! Pete yorn musicforthemorningafter he was fairly uneventful, she knows. First line of the security pat downs were lame, they had to of it had by a girl, and therefore the rhyme with me in a good solid rock and my own worst hypocrite but i know will prolly end up around the poem work shopped show much drama not let me Good new girl, and i missed have been known to minjo s going according to figure out sleeping arrangements though she's a wave, or bell curve: figure out even know you i have class tonight, And meter work inward.
Tuesday, April 2nd, 2002
3:46 pm
how to tell off your family
Hey Gabe I am flying in tomorrow night. A last minute plan. Nana is pretty
bad and I want to say good-by. I would love to see you. If something
happens to Mom and I need to get hold of you for your part of
whatever...don't you want that? I did nothing to you. You are not being
fair....Who said life was fair..ah? I love you. Would love to see you.


dear bent familials,

look, i got all my ducks in a nice little row here, and if the past has shown me anything, it's that wasting my time on you is detrimental to my health and well-being. you're like a risky investment with absolutely no return whatsoever. what did you ever do for me besides give me a hard time and push a bunch of obligations and responsibilities on me that i didn't earn or deserve? you all need to grow up and deal with yourselves personally instead of forcing your issues on other people (namely and especially me) who have no interest whatsoever in your inane proceedings.

as far as those kids? i am not their parent/guardian. and any shrink in the united states of america will tell me to tell you to go to hell and stop scapegoating me, you lunatics. you are all pretty sick, and you need help, and it's been that way for a long time, and i'm not going to pretend it's alright any more. sorry, but i made it really clear to all of you that you are disowned. you have no right to continue badgering me like this.

furthermore, you couldn't pay me enough to forget all the bullshit i've taken from your family in the last eight years, and you couldn't convince me to pretend that i give a dog damn about how much pain you are in or how much suffering you are going through: whatever is going on with you, it's not my fault, and i was nowhere near any of you and i don't owe you a red fucking cent. you got plenty of money to throw around and loads of booze-wah schizos to spend your double-bound hours with -- go soak your fucking head, and leave me alone.

in closing i'd just like to state that the era of the forced aperture of the nuclear family is dead. you are all the epitome of how it was a bad idea to begin with, and are shining examples of everything wrong with america today. no doubt you will now focus your hateful and toxic attentions on my halfsiblings, who will probably be scarred from it for a lot longer time than just tomorrow.

anyways whatever it is you're going through most recently to poke your head from under the rocks and bother me about, you'll probably pull through it in some genetically malformed way... but i would be lying if i said i wasn't dealing down some serious mojo in the hope that it will be the most painful experience you could possibly have.


-- gabriel
Friday, January 11th, 2002
10:52 pm
Tool. Other uses for the rain is about greed! Poopy train: goals and is about greed! I was good! It's way happy new YEAR!

-- keken

Current Mood: quixotic
Wednesday, January 9th, 2002
11:09 am
my latest theory
i believe that schizophrenia of delusions, paranoia, grand motif, etcetera, are the product of needs and or wants for attention and sensory stimulation in the brain either latent or active that the brain will not accept going unfufilled. the process of mental 'illness' will end once the subject either allows or forces their brain to feel and think what it wants.

however, many big-brother schemes are the product of these wants and needs being externalized as the responsibility of others to fulfill instead of the subject themself. that is why many 'conspiracy theorists' are considered whacko even if their conspiracy truly holds water and the people and events are actually occuring as the theorist claims they are.

the frustration of being pigeonholed as a crackpot just for pointing out that one body of numerous ofr many people has conspired to out-do another body of even more numerous or manied people, is actually what causes damage to the psyche.

the subject themself if left to their own pains to go through the process of gratification and redirection would arrive alright at the outset.

the interference of authority figures who also do not take responsibility is what causes confusion and therefore, electrostatically or chemically, delusions in the mind. the authority figure is willing to take away the gratification of the subject but is not willing to replace it with at the very least stimulation, and so the activity of delusion is a primal defense mechanism in which realty, a symbol of the ultimate authority, is challenged and therefore all authority is challenged. this mental activity is, of course, picked up by others through communications from the subject, and any authority figures present attempt to damage the psyche of the subject as much as possible, since the subject is a threat to the authoritative position which has brought survival and gratification to the aurhority figure.

the damage of psyche manifests of course as being persecuted as insane or otherwise wrong even when right, through the use of lies and misinformation on behalf of the auhority figure. these damages can spin into many side effects including full-blown mental illnesses of other kinds.

the probability that these other mental illnesses or dysfunctions can be relieved or completely cured simply by repairing the damaged psyche is very high. reparation of the damaged psyche is as easy as providing proper justice to the so-called delusions of the subject. a person who is willing to have an open mind as to what can be sociologically possible must be willing to stand trial to the accusations of the subject against the conspirators, to prove them either guilty or innocent. that is all that is necessary to repair the psyche.

at this point, the need or want for gratification again surfaces. the subject will either consider the person who aided their cause to be 'one of them' or else will feel vindicated and let go of their need for prosecution. they fall back again into the need or want for gratification, and it is those desires that need to be focused on not by the members of society but by the subject themself. the true nature of what is wanted or needed is really up to the subject to decide, but the interference of potentially unjust authority figures who are probably equally greedy for gratification will only complicate matters.

the occurance of gratification is synonymous with an occurance in the subject's mind of finally forcing or allowing the brain and body to feel or think what it wants to. in other words, there is no division of the quest for gratification with the gratification itself. once the subject has been gratified, they will know it and there will be no more opening for confusion to lead them into delusion and psychological damages.
Thursday, December 6th, 2001
10:47 am
short and sweet
Have I want to fall apart? Paper! And communication. And desires to DC, take a LJ entry. Am I missed a lurid person? No?
Monday, November 19th, 2001
3:42 pm
haven't posted in a while, but this one turned out interesting:

I flirt with younger women i may have a problem i think i flirt with older women i flirt with every woman i flirt to have a problem i flirt with older women i may have my old self back but damn! So i may have my flirting and roommates no, not mine you know you and i may have my flirting and it's nice to have a problem i flirt definitely missed flirting, and i think i hadn't even remotely attractive i find here they are finally pics of my flirting, and off i hadn't even remotely attractive i saw something that so i fucking hate it pics of my flirting and roommates no, not mine you know you and sisters and wives i flirt with mothers and it's nice to have a worn a problem i have a problem i may have a problem i think i saw something that nearly made me weep victoria secret special, new and sisters and i flirt with every woman i flirt with older women i flirt to have a problem i may flirt with older women i flirt to lighten up before my flirting and i flirt with mothers and off i may have a problem i flirt with every woman i find even remotely attractive i flirt to really did make me weep victoria secret special and i think i saw something that nearly made me into trouble so here they are finally pics of my flirting, and daughters and off i fucking hate it pics of my old flirting and strangers daughters and improved hair you and it's nice to have my flirting and it's nice to really did make me clo se up before my flirt with mothers and i think i may flirt with younger women i hadn't even remotely attractive i have worn the blue pfftb! So i flirt with older women i hadn't even remotely attractive i may have a problem i think i think i think i flirt with mothers and improved hair you sick fucks! The blue pfftb! You know you sick fucks!
Sunday, November 4th, 2001
11:47 pm
Spiritual Journal, 10/15/01
9:17 p.m.

Sickle sounds exploding through my stressful electron. Where that photocopying scoundrel mixed up Stevie Wonder's Love Potion #9. Luke, the nervy young players, ten times the fun, two times the flavor. Awesome blues rip. Parity hat. [Hawaiian flower garlands.] Ancient testimony, exposing the meaty center of a nebula before eating the Meal of Oat.

Octavius. What are you going to pawn now? Those plastic black earrings, 26-year-old tube, an umbilical cord of an astray.

What are these mushroomed apricots? Who's responsible?
Wednesday, October 17th, 2001
5:28 pm
I say, the means make me, I was in foster city at thought, A time explosion of home, natural is finished, I hurt resistance to say, the path of cannons careful lest the loving shackles of lovers
Tuesday, October 16th, 2001
12:49 pm
A wretched duty brought about my formerly half hollow heart I have pictures soon
Thursday, October 11th, 2001
6:01 am
New religious community
Stop by Spirit of Life, if you're interested in finding out about a newly founded religious community which supports the use of entheogens in spiritual practice.

We have a very East meets West spiritual philosophy, and promote the enlightened state as a holy and blessed state of being.

I personally believe the time has come when modern churches openly support the use of psychomimetic (i.e., psychedelic) substances as direct links to meditation with the Divine.

Please join in if you are at all interested!
Thursday, October 4th, 2001
2:48 pm
an interpretation of azstarrrynight's livejournal
The television set.
She believed everything
she was at the space in any lane is going to create
it would tut tut tut tut tut tut tut,
tut tut tut, tut tut tut tut tut cost over me?
All: in our thoughts.
I know it is more effort than flowers, and again, to visit.
It was hard, awkward even,
so I hope she baked.
Monday, September 17th, 2001
3:39 pm
tomorrow, I'll probably be a religious day of proud Americans won't have done somthing

government is a house of me; thinking of mourning; reality for it is I don't care tomorrow I'll probably be forced to it's just maybe The us evolve out of situations in case you are a day of mourning a candle). Uggg pictures; worship.

selected quotes from insainity
Friday, September 14th, 2001
9:34 pm
At the surface, like at the beginning moment I'm reminded of my eyes. I'm feeding it stirring. D have mercy on black magic, esoterica, trip reports, Forteana. Beetles below the moment I'm asleep or what I forgot to mention. At the surface, like at the medium of feeding it is or what it represents.
Thursday, September 6th, 2001
2:03 am
My new LJ Community...Down With Blinking Lights [The Anti Cybergoth Act]
Down With Blinking Lights [The Anti Cybergoth Act]

Tired of all those blinking lights... glowsticks... neon clown face painted idiots, that have made their way into previously decent goth clubs & infected our subculture like a deadly ultra violet plague?

Sickened by the redundant sounds of new Apop songs, VNV Nation, and trance... repeated continually by the brainwashed DJs over & over in a desperate attempt to refrain from glowstick-filled riots?
lather, rinse, repeat...

Enraged by the neglect of amazing artists that you want to hear, instead of the repetitious sounds of distorted kick drums and liquified synthetic bullshit?

~we all are...

This community is for those of you who are sick of all these new trance-trendy-bubblegum graver/ cybergoth kids *le vomit* who have diseased most of the only decent clubs left in the goth scene, and who want to make an effort in replenishing the style, music, and dark subculture we all love & miss.

~together, we can make a difference...

feel free to join... I need some members!!! :)

Down With Blinking Lights [The Anti Cybergoth Act]

Current Mood: accomplished
Tuesday, September 4th, 2001
10:30 am
Rock hopping. Bug bites. Hate. It safe to Colin again, i just So much to say i know you? I'll elaborate later, i did, but misery.

-- gramcracker
Wednesday, August 15th, 2001
1:32 pm
Jeek's Journal?
Who briefly skimmed my journal to tell me the e phone and want to tell me the e mail address Frank, we no time for someone of the way, typical straight guy is only gay people gayer than you are gay as you gay! She's lucky Terri answered the e mail address Frank, we no time for someone of the way, if you are Gay as the man of anyone before you: are gay! She's lucky Terri answered The person I am. People gayer than you are gay as you people gayer than you take the way, if you. The way, if you are gay!

-- jeek
Monday, August 13th, 2001
5:07 pm
I'm not a house; up for a really looking forward to be: starting work on tonight; at this point, it.

-- keken
Friday, August 10th, 2001
11:24 am
hmmm I'll take it
keken's livejournal?
(since some of you don't get it: this is an "interpretation" of the content in keken's journal.)

-- keken

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