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how to tell off your family

Hey Gabe I am flying in tomorrow night. A last minute plan. Nana is pretty
bad and I want to say good-by. I would love to see you. If something
happens to Mom and I need to get hold of you for your part of
whatever...don't you want that? I did nothing to you. You are not being
fair....Who said life was fair..ah? I love you. Would love to see you.


dear bent familials,

look, i got all my ducks in a nice little row here, and if the past has shown me anything, it's that wasting my time on you is detrimental to my health and well-being. you're like a risky investment with absolutely no return whatsoever. what did you ever do for me besides give me a hard time and push a bunch of obligations and responsibilities on me that i didn't earn or deserve? you all need to grow up and deal with yourselves personally instead of forcing your issues on other people (namely and especially me) who have no interest whatsoever in your inane proceedings.

as far as those kids? i am not their parent/guardian. and any shrink in the united states of america will tell me to tell you to go to hell and stop scapegoating me, you lunatics. you are all pretty sick, and you need help, and it's been that way for a long time, and i'm not going to pretend it's alright any more. sorry, but i made it really clear to all of you that you are disowned. you have no right to continue badgering me like this.

furthermore, you couldn't pay me enough to forget all the bullshit i've taken from your family in the last eight years, and you couldn't convince me to pretend that i give a dog damn about how much pain you are in or how much suffering you are going through: whatever is going on with you, it's not my fault, and i was nowhere near any of you and i don't owe you a red fucking cent. you got plenty of money to throw around and loads of booze-wah schizos to spend your double-bound hours with -- go soak your fucking head, and leave me alone.

in closing i'd just like to state that the era of the forced aperture of the nuclear family is dead. you are all the epitome of how it was a bad idea to begin with, and are shining examples of everything wrong with america today. no doubt you will now focus your hateful and toxic attentions on my halfsiblings, who will probably be scarred from it for a lot longer time than just tomorrow.

anyways whatever it is you're going through most recently to poke your head from under the rocks and bother me about, you'll probably pull through it in some genetically malformed way... but i would be lying if i said i wasn't dealing down some serious mojo in the hope that it will be the most painful experience you could possibly have.


-- gabriel
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